Serbian Spruce

Botanical Name: PICEA OMORIKA

Serbian spruce is one of the best evergreens for the urban landscape. THe disease- and insect-resistant tree forms a narrow column with gracefully bowing side branches. Stately as a single specimen, its dark green needles with silver-blue undersides create an interesting bicolor effect.

This tree is best used as a specimen, wind break, screen, or perhaps as an evergreen street tree for narrow overhead spaces. It is surprisingly tolerant of urban conditions, probably more so than other Spruces. Grows best with some shelter from mid-day or afternoon sun, though it tolerates full-day sun. Also tolerates soils with a high pH.

Botanical Name: Picea omorika
Exposure: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 5 – 8
Bloom Time: Evergreen
Height: up to 30′
Spread: 8 – 10′