Miscanthus Grass


Maiden grass is an old time garden favorite with delicate, fine textured foliage and a graceful, rounded form. The clumps of foliage can get up to 4 ft tall, and the flowering stalks can reach 7 ft. Established specimens may flop under their own weight and should be divided every few years. Maiden grass has very narrow leaf blades that are about a 1/4 in across and are green with a white midrib stripe down the center.

Maiden grass blooms with silky tassels of coppery-red flowers in mid-autumn – later than most cultivars, and in areas with short growing seasons, it may not bloom at all. In winter the leaves turn warm golden yellow and the flowers turn cool silvery white.

Botanical Name: Miscanthus Sinensis
Exposure: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 4 – 9
Bloom Time: Mid-Autumn
Height: 4 – 7′