Liriope Muscari are a group of grass like plants consists of a clumping form of evergreen perennials. They are planted as a groundcover or path edging and the plants do not creep. Leaves range from dark green or variegated to some varieties that have leaves that are so dark that they appear black. The flowers range from white to pale purple.

This plant is evergreen with neat, low, grassy foliage, and blooms throughout autumn, producing prolific crops of flowers shaped like elongated grape hyacinths, with similar blue colouring. It can be left undisturbed for many years to form low-maintenance ground cover in beds of its own, or in light shade beneath trees or shrubs in a border it is tolerant of dry conditions.

Botanical Name: Liriope Muscari
Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade
Hardiness Zone: 5 – 10
Bloom Time: Aug – Sept
Height: 1 – 2′