Leyland Cypress


A rapidly-growing evergreen when young, Leyland Cypress will easily grow three to four feet per year, even on poor soils, and will ultimately attain a majestic height of 50 feet or more. Leyland Cypress forms a dense, oval or pyramidal outline when left unpruned, but the graceful, slightly pendulous branches will tolerate severe trimming to create a formal hedge, screen or windbreak.

The fine, feathery foliage is composed of soft, pointed leaves on flattened branchlets and are dark blue-green when mature, soft green when young.

Botanical Name: Cupressocyparis leylandii
Exposure: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 6 – 10
Bloom Time: July – Oct
Height: 35 – 50′
Spread: 15 – 25′