Japanese Holly

Botanical Name: ILEX CRENATA

These dense, evergreen shrubs vary in size depending on cultivar. The leaves are rather small and often shiny. Like many other broad-leaved evergreen shrubs, it prefers acid soils and will develop iron deficiency if the pH is too high. Japanese holly can be grown in sun or shade but winter injury in northern climates will be more severe on plants grown in the sun. The plant produces blue fruits but these are not ornamental and largely hidden by the leaves.

Glossy leaved evergreen, pyramidal shape. Excellent for hedging or privacy screens. This shade tolerant plant can be easily shaped or maintained by pruning.

Botanical Name: Ilex crenata
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone: 5
Bloom Time: July – Oct
Height: 8 – 10′