Blue Holly

Botanical Name: ILEX MESERVEAE

Easily grown in average, medium wet soil in full sun to part shade. Adaptable to both light and heavy soils, but prefers moist, acidic, organic soils with good drainage. Meserve hybrids are dioecious shrubs: In both female and male genders. Females produce the attractive red berries which are so conspicuous in fall and winter. A planting needs at least one male pollinator within 400′ and can pollinate up to 9-10 female plants. Prune to shape in early spring just before new growth begins. Good winter hardiness.

Features dark purplish stems and glossy, blue-green leaves which have spiny-toothed margins. Tiny, whitish flowers appear in spring and are relatively inconspicuous. Fertilized female flowers give way to abundant, dark red fruit which persists throughout the winter.

Botanical Name: Ilex meserveae
Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade
Hardiness Zone: 4 – 7
Bloom Time: April to May
Height: 8′
Spread: 8′